Imagine a school-based program that gets kids running—and includes rewards—for FREE. Since 2004, Mighty Milers has helped hundreds of thousands of kids run millions of miles, and now your school can join!

Apply Today

It’s Easy to Get Started

  1. Fill out the online application and we’ll help you set up the program that works best for you.
  2. Then, you just enter the roster and the miles that participants run into the Mighty Milers website.
  3. We’ll send the free awards that kids love, like marathon medals and t-shirts. Even better, teachers can do it too!

Anyone Can Join

Starting in 2014, Mighty Milers is now open to and free for all U.S. schools. Community centers and after school programs may also apply. The program is best suited for kids in grades K-8, and is also inclusive to support children with physical and developmental challenges. The only requirement is that schools have 20 kids who will be in the program.

Have it Your Way

Mighty Milers is flexible to work with your environment and students. Below are some ways that schools use Mighty Milers. Try one or create your own.

  • Fitness Fundays: Pick one day of the week, give it a catchy name, like Monday Miles or Fitness Fridays, and get your class, a grade, or the whole school out running. Normally done at the start of the school day, this is a great way to get everyone involved, including parents, and will help students focus throughout the school day ahead.
  • Marathon Mania: Run the distance of a marathon—26.2 miles! You can plan to run everyday for a month or a few times a week until each child reaches the goal. NYRR will send marathon medals for you to give out. Make it extra special by planning a ceremony and presenting each child their medal.
  • Running Club: Mighty Milers can help you create a running club or enhance an existing club. Use our online program guide to create a schedule where kids run at least twice a week and they’ll quickly start earning rewards for reaching milestones. When done throughout the year, kids can earn personal rewards, class rewards, and even school rewards.
  • Brain Booster: You don’t need a set schedule to have a Mighty Milers program. Some schools plan running sessions before drills and tests to help students enhance learning and memory. Others plan runs to celebrate special events or holidays. Our materials and resources make it easy for you.